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" A robust organization and communications protocol is the keystone of cyber-defense."

SALUS Cybersecurity Reputation Risk Assessment

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Audit and Gap Analysis to determine your preparedness to weather a cyber incident

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Organize and Optimize your Company's Cyber-Defense


SALUS' unique offering

SALUS provides businesses with an affordable  user-friendly software platform to protect their most critical assets in a cyber-attack scenario: 

Brand/Company/Personal Reputation

Through technology and consultative services, we provide your organization and your key stakeholders, with the tools you need to minimize the inherent brand damage (and economic consequences) of a cyber-attack...before, during and after an event takes place. Our software platform allows for a rapid response to incidents as they occur based on prescribed communication protocols.


SALUS: Brand protection planning and activation for cyber-incidents

Organize your response protocol before an incident occurs with our affordable SOFTWARE and/or CONSULTATIVE services

Offering both a software solution and consultative expertise, SALUS provides a robust assessment protocol and audit process that  delivers a prescribed crisis plan prior to a breach and reputation management strategy and execution in the event of an incident.

SALUS is the right solution for your SMB


Cyber-response solutions

A credible, cohesive and affordable risk reduction solution needs to cover technology, legal, insurance and, most importantly, reputation management. 

SALUS' professionals are experts in both cybersecurity AND reputation management. 

You cannot separate security management from reputation management.

You need to have a plan in place 

"I have been enthused by the SALUS' software platform since its inception. It's sorely needed for companies and organizations of every size and in every category. Scott Marticke and I have been in lock step on this idea ever since we worked together when I was Chief Privacy Officer at Omnicom.  In my current role, it has become even more evident that improving the security of one of us improves all of us." 

Darrin Reynolds

Leader, Emerging Regulations and Health Security




"As a company that gauges brand reputation, we are aware that the services provided by SALUS are absolutely critical to the preservation of a brand's reputation. In our work we've seen no other company that provides the services that SALUS does. We are looking forward to their software solution as it will provide communications guidance to enterprises that desire to protect their brand."

Tim Wilson 




"The value proposition of SALUS makes so much sense to me.  Having managed risk as Chief Financial Officer at various public and private corporations, I know that it's essential to protect your corporate brand from malicious acts.  Every CFO, Risk Officer and Communications Department should be looking into the type of security that SALUS provides."


Susan Clancy                                                                   

Served as CFO for ground-breaking Technology, Bio-Tech and Global Development organizations


"I have gotten to know Scott Marticke and Mark Goldman very well. I feel they have developed a great cyber protection concept for small and mid-size businesses. I would recommend SALUS very highly. "

Mary Catherine Bloodworth
Capstone Financial
Financial Advisor