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Audit of Communications/Response - Online or Consultative

The SALUS team of communications and reputation management experts will conduct an audit of your organization's response protocols. Meeting with key stakeholders and employees to determine if you are ready to address the complexities of a breach issue. 

Plan Development - Online or Consultative

SALUS will develop a plan customized to your enterprise. We'll recommend what needs to be addressed in order to ensure a smooth response to issues and crises that may occur.

Implementation and Education

We'll provide you with a road-map to assist you in managing the issue. This includes guidance of what to do and what not to do; a communications and public relations toolbox, messaging recommendations, and more.

 We can provide training via seminars and exercises that will be geared towards the various responsibilities of your employees

Testing and Monitoring

Through our partnerships, SALUS can recommend trusted experts in cyber- protection and risk mitigation. Experts who can audit, test and provide upgraded enhancements for both  technological and physical security

Ongoing Support

Should a breach situation occur, SALUS can provide ongoing counsel to support your response. Our experts will work with you to manage through the event as well as assist in recovering your Brand Reputation.

SALUS Seminar

Preparing your organization for cyber-attack fallout

Module I: Overview of Common Cyber Threats – How will you be hit?

Module II: Case Study: Equifax – What went wrong, and lessons learned


Module III: Establishing the Protocol – Developing an orderly and consistent process to address cybersecurity incidents

· Forming the Team – Who needs to be on the cybersecurity reputation management team

· Conducting the Audit – Review of a self-assessment audit tool to help understand Cousins’ reputation management vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks 

· Determining Threat Levels – How to assess when cybersecurity incident could become a PR disaster

· Building the Activation Plan – An overview of the key elements of a cybersecurity reputation management plan

· Creating Response Templates – The critical response documents that are needed to handle a cyber-attack 

· Conducting Simulations – How to set up and execute effective cyber-attack simulations

· Q&A


Critical Area Focus

The SALUS seminar will also include a subject matter expert of your choice from one of these areas critical to cybersecurity risk mitigation:

o Legal

o Insurance

o Technology

o Privacy

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Step 1: Assess

Meet with key stakeholders to determine organizational dynamics to properly prepare for an audit

Step 2: Audit

Work with key stakeholders; C-suite; cybersecurity; legal and others to audit communications/reputation management processes and preparedness 




Step 3: Plan

Create and deliver the comprehensive cyber reputation management plan based on the audit. Plan can be scaled to organization’s size and budget




Step 4: Implement

Implementation of the plan including procedures, messaging, media training, employee education, table-top exercises, etc. 

Ongoing monitoring and updating of plan as necessary.

Can be scaled to organization’s size

Step 5: Monitor 

Ongoing threat monitoring is an essential component of cyber-risk mitigation 

Optimizing the Cybersecurity Cycle

Risk Management Cycle – Ongoing/Continuous...Because threats will not stop



Experts agree that today’s silo-driven approach to cyber risk management
will reset in 2018 and beyond. It will be replaced by a synergistic approach that is led by the C-suite as at-risk companies and organizations realize that cyber risk affects all aspects of an enterprise

 SALUS provides assessment, consultation and activation, delivering to SMBs the most vital aspects of cybersecurity 

Cyber-risk will continue to be one of the most pressing challenges in what is now the 4th Industrial Revolution - IOT/Digital (the first was water/steam; the second was electric and the 3rd was the Internet and IT)

Cyber-threat is no longer a nuisance level risk and therefore requires a strategy involving the whole organization

the true cost of cyber-attacks - Forbes Article - Click here

Prepare and Predict


Risk Assessment and Mitigation including adequate insurance and legal practices – cyber risk recognition is essential

Manage and Protect


 Reputation Management – including crisis planning, pre and post communication planning, training, and active communication intervention during an attack/crisis

SALUS delivers critical organization and communication

Ensure that internal components critical to your business are in lock-step… before, during, and following a breach 

Ensure that communications to critical external stakeholders will be handled professionally